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DEBUNKING ELON MUSK flamethrower ebay welcome to this episode of the common sense skeptic earlier this month elon musk was declared to be the richest man in the world and his fanboys celebrated this questionable achievement by shoveling even more of their hard-earned cash into tesla’s inflated stock price so what better way for us to kick off the new year than to demonstrate how musk accumulated his reported massive wealth and how musk is probably the least worthy individual to ever hold such an honor but first we’re going to start off this episode with a bit of an origin story of our own and the reason why the common sense skeptic channel came to be our crew are all fans of technology who grew up on a steady diet of science fiction we’ve followed along ever since buck rogers and battlestar galactica the original series were putting out new episodes back when five bucks bought popcorn and a 250 tuesday admission ticket to star wars and the theaters star wars star trek even star blazers so what it surprised you to learn that we used to be fans of elon musk it’s true spotting him in iron man 2 or the big bang theory was kind of cool back in the day and the media made sure we knew who he was and all the technological marvels he had single-handedly brought into the world paypal tesla spacex all directly from the unparalleled brilliant mind of this single man who manifested his visions through sheer determination and grit who doesn’t love a story like that right problem was it was all a fiction we were being force-fed fake news we just didn’t know it yet around the same time musk was pretending to be an actor other stories were circulating online about new technologies that were going to reshape the world wonder products being fond over the media at the time included the water seer and thorium powered cars and condominiums hanging from orbiting asteroids that would float across the sky all of which falling into the category of too good to be true and alarm bells started ringing about these types of claims actually one of the very first products that defined our belief was alcohol remember that one powdered alcohol that you just added the water to make your favorite cocktails when you were out on a hike the problem with that claim was alcohol is a solvent not a solute which is impossible to dehydrate into a powder solar freaking roadways was next their cgi promotional videos declared their goal was to pave the roads of the world with solar tile panels that were impervious to damage creating all the energy the world would ever need non-stop adulation and positive press washed over scott and julie bruce while they collected millions of dollars from indiegogo and federal grants to produce this earth-saving green tech but upon closer inspection none of their claims added up especially the economics so we did what nobody else had done so far and broke down the numbers turned out the raw unassembled materials for solar roadways would add up to at least 205 million dollars per mile of four lane highway and that was years ago despite all their awards and dot grants and press coverage and announced projects 15 years after being founded solar roadways has only ever amounted to little more than vaporware at the time musk still flew under our radar despite his constant appearances on shows and news feeds and tech articles right up until the cave in thailand flooded then he hit our wall as actual heroes were trying to save a dozen young soccer players and their coach from drowning in the cave musk decided this would be a great time for self-promotion declaring he would provide a submarine to conduct a rescue vernon unsworth one of the lead rescue divers of this operation told the media and musk thanks but no thanks that sub will be useless in this effort the fact was this pinch point in the tunnel was so tight that divers had to remove their air tanks and pull them alongside this was so dangerous that an experienced thai navy seal named salman kunan died while loading the tunnel with air tanks before the underwater extraction unsworth was absolutely correct in dismissing musk’s sub which would never have gotten through that gap musk took that dismissal personally and that embarrassment led to musk viciously attacking unsworth on twitter the sheer stupidity musk demonstrated during this attempted publicity stunt while they were young lives at stake was bad enough but for him to do what he did to vernon unsworth on twitter and in follow-up news articles tore the positive facade off of him permanently watching these events unfold the question we kept asking ourselves was how could somebody so smart do something so stupid and so vile as this any answer we came up with was maybe he’s not that smart turns out that was an accurate conclusion and the more research we do on musk the more solidified this conclusion becomes now that we’ve been able to nail down musk’s modus operandi it’s time to share what we’ve learned so that others can stop fawning over this megalomaniacal imbecile that continues to fail upwards we’ve all seen them these memes that portray elon musk as a multi-faceted genius solely responsible for these quote-unquote paradigm-shifting companies we’ve also seen the stories attached to this mythos about how he was a poor and abused child who turned himself into a self-made billionaire it’s time to put these claims to the test is he a self-made billionaire and is he in fact the genius behind each of the companies he’s credited with being the founder of so this is debunking elon musk our initial offering of 2021 musk was born to mae haldeman and ero musk on june 28 1971 in pretoria south africa this fittingly makes him a cancer his mother mae was 21 2 years younger than her husband arrow whom she would divorce only nine years later as it turns out the south african businessman who relentlessly pursued this beautiful aspiring model for seven years until she finally agreed to marry him started physically abusing her pretty much as soon as they got married after having three children together mae moved back to canada to pursue her modeling career and at 69 became the face of cover girl around the same time may became the face of cover girl her 72 year old ex-husband fathered a child with his own 30 year old stepdaughter from his second ex-marriage which really isn’t elon’s story except elon would bring similar misogynist attitudes into all of his future ex-marriages elon musk is often portrayed as a poor kid who pulled himself up by his bootstraps reality is both sides of the family came from money as was bragged about in an interview where they said they had so much money when they were younger they could hardly fit it all in the safe may’s father joshua norman haldeman developed national and international stature as a political economist provincial and national professional leader in chiropractic medicine and sportsman adventurer in 1950 haldeman picked up and moved his family to south africa to become an amateur archaeologist hunting for the lost city of the kalahari errol musk’s parents were also well off tracing his military father’s south african roots back 200 years his mother came from a well-to-do english family and had an elite education for his part errol was himself a gifted engineer and earned massive wealth as an engineering consultant and real estate developer and emerald mind co-owner according to elon’s father the family enjoyed a lavish lifestyle replete with yachts ski vacations and expensive computers musk himself enjoyed a privileged upbringing and education at private school all of which musk now denies but not every teenage kid can walk into tiffany’s with loose emeralds in their pockets and walk out with two thousand dollars when his parents divorced and his mother moved back to canada musk initially stayed with his dad in south africa musk moved to canada at the age of 17 to live with his mom to avoid serving in the south african military musk attended queen’s university on scholarships so how he racked up the six-figure student debt that he whines about is anybody’s guess maybe it’s because he didn’t graduate before moving to the university of pennsylvania and he was so poor that he and another student named adio resi bought a 10-bedroom frat house that they used as her own personal illegal nightclub resi recently posted a photo of the house and it still stands musk is also often portrayed as a genius with an estimated iq somewhere in the mid-150s problem is that hasn’t actually been put to the test since he was in grade school and when he comes up with the concept such as the hyperloop white paper which is not only tremendously flawed at a basic physics level it was also plagiarized from a 100 year old patent and a 200 year old concept one has to wonder about his mental competency anyone thinking that a turbine is going to pull you through an airless environment while that vehicle is being held off the ground using compressed air in a vacuum is fundamentally scientifically clueless and needs to check out the episodes thunderfoot has done on this topic immediately then of course after musk has an idea people are fawning over he has to immediately lie to his followers to create additional hype such as this fake news about getting approval for a new york to dc hyperloop or this one about building one from san francisco to la add to this nonsense the concept of underground freeway is accessed by elevators using electric skates or the absolute insanity of drilling computer interfaces into your brain to play video games and even wc fields would have to wonder is he dazzling you with brilliance or baffling you with [ __ ] judging from the ridiculous claims musk is making about the terraforming and colonization of mars we have to believe it’s the latter and for anyone arguing musk has a phd to back up the genius claim here are those facts musk was accepted into stanford in california for phd studies but he dropped out after only two days to pursue his first business enterprise with his brother and that’s where this story actually starts [Music] instead of going to stanford musk and his brother kimball decided to create an online directory akin to the yellow pages to take advantage of the early stages of the internet boom to that end in 1995 they formed a global information network which would later become zip 2 whose goal it was to convince businesses to form an online presence and directory the stories that musk tells about these early years living in the office and whatnot seemed to be mostly for dramatic effect since their rich father gave them 28 000 towards getting this venture going at a time when the minimum wage in california was 4.25 musk may be on record now as saying he hates his father but he apparently didn’t hate him enough to turn down daddy’s money or his mother’s as it turns out according to may’s memoirs she visited the boys every six weeks from eastern canada buying groceries and furniture and giving them another ten thousand dollars to keep them lights on man it must suck being so hard done by enter greg curie a canadian family friend through the father that musk claims to hate curry was a canadian real estate developer with business ties and connections that the brothers did not have so curry came in as a co-founder and mentor for the boys corey’s roles in the company were those of investor bringing another eight thousand dollars of much-needed cash as well as vp of business development and as it turns out referee of literal fistfights between elon and kimball in the office it was curry’s connections that brought the venture capitalists to the table not these squabbling siblings once the vc money came pouring in through greg the highest office musk held in the company was that of chief technology officer or cto due to elon’s inability to deal with people he was not even considered for the ceo position that was filled by rich sorkin prior to joining zip2 as the chairman and ceo sorkin was a senior product manager for pocket computers director of emerging tech at phoenix technologies and vp general manager of creative technology limited where he oversaw an eightfold increase in revenue over three years to 800 million dollars annually sorkin’s previous resume and education and his circle of influence dwarfed anything musk brought to the table unlike musk sorkin did graduate from stanford in 1988 with his mba after graduating from yale with a bachelor of science in economics elon was given the position of cto however the code musk wrote as it turned out was poorly written difficult to update and impossible to expand so in 1996 sorkin hired professional coders to completely scrap what musk had done eventually rewriting every line of code in the platform so essentially musk contributed nothing to the end product that curry would use to attract additional investment money musk upset that his work was being dismantled demanded that these new professional coders work the same insane hours that he did but they were only willing to commit to nine to five while rewriting this electronic version of the yellow pages in making these demands musk earned a reputation for being quite unreasonable to work for in april of 1998 sorkin made a deal with city search to merge in a 300 million dollar deal that would have seen soren become the new ceo of the combined companies musk originally green lit the deal but then kyboshed it by leading a revolt against sorkin causing zip2 to fall into such disarray that derek proutyan a venture capitalist board member at zip2 and three times stanford grad had to step up and take control of the company as ceo he immediately started looking for a buyer for this growing dumpster fire in february 1999 despite constantly losing money compaq offered prouty and 305 million dollars to the company locks dog and barrel this deal went through and zip2 was absorbed into compact’s altavist platform those of us who lived through the 90s remember the dot-com tech boom followed by the bubble and burst this transaction definitely falls into that category here is another parallel from that same time frame most of you know who kevin o’leary is the self-proclaimed mr wonderful from shark tank and dragon’s den fame o’leary’s biggest claim to fame is that in may of 1999 mattel paid 3.8 billion dollars for kevin o’leary’s the learning company software company to form mattel interactive turned out o’leary’s cooked books and outdated assets were pretty much worthless and they were almost literally given away to the gore’s technology group for 27 million less than a year later in the time mattel held onto tlc they encountered losses in the hundreds of millions of dollars investors watched their share price plummet from 2644 in march 99 to 894 a year later mattel had to lay off 10 of their workforce to eke their way back to profitability but the producers of shark tank conveniently leave out all those details from the opening credits of the show to let you believe that kevin o’leary is some sort of next level business billionaire guru sound familiar right around the same time o’leary single-handedly killed off the educational software market the zip2 deal went through and compact suffered for it their strategy of buying assets at ridiculous premiums rather than develop them in house at wholesale caused the once prominent computer company to flounder in january of 1999 compact stock hit an all-time high of 47.62 a share this transaction completed in february by april the stock had dropped to half its value to 24.25 and from there it was a steady slide to when they were taken over by hp in september of 2001 with a closing stock price on the transaction date of 12.

DEBUNKING ELON MUSK flamethrower ebay 35 anyone who bought and held cpq at its height lost 75 percent of their investment by the time it was converted into hp stock if you lost money on cpq the zip2 deal definitely played a role in that loss at the end of the day zip2 never managed to create a single penny in profit for compact from acquisition to abortion but none of that mattered to the musk brothers or takuri who all made out like bandits elon added 22 million dollars kimball only got 15 million dollars curry who was the zip2 business developer and co-founder made enough money to invest in elon’s next venture but he played no role in the company curry died in 2012 at the age of 51 of a heart attack in new york city after musk cashed in with zip2 he immediately took one million dollars of his windfall and bought a mclaren f1 supercar to show off to a circle of friends and his girlfriend at the time which made international headline news this purchase is the perfect analogy for musk to be sure just like the company he sold he didn’t know how to pilot it or keep it on the road and the poor vehicle suffered dearly at his hands before he wrote the uninsured car off showing off for a man by the name of peter thiel a name we will hear again very shortly following the windfall sale of zip2 to compact musk turned his remaining money and focus to his next venture he called of course everyone knows a story of how musk single-handedly set out to revolutionize the banking industry except you don’t see the name harris fricker anywhere and he was kind of important to that company not only as a banking expert but also as a co-founder so was ed ho a former zip2 executive and so was christopher payne harris fricker’s friend and colleague in the banking industry who has apparently never ever been photographed ed ho on the other hand has only ever had one picture taken of him seriously those are the only pictures we could find judging from the differences between the english and the spanish versions of wikipedia someone has been rewriting’s history compare these screenshots for from both sites and you’ll find the english version has been redacted to remove mention of everybody but musk at but the spanish version still names the three other men their co-founderships and their departure trajectories of these three men it was fricker who played the most important role in this new startup fricker is a banker with a bachelors from saint francis xavier and a rhodes scholars master from oxford university to back it up he was the banking master x.

com needed to make this happen and he brought the people he needed with him musk met fricker during his internship at bank of nova scotia and convinced fricker to come on board in november of 1999 to help found the company when was formed musk ruled the rest of his zip2 windfall making sure with his larger investment that he would retain control of the company by assigning himself as chairman musk brought on bill harris as ceo who brought his experience as ceo at intuit inc with him which didn’t sit well with fricker who had moved from canada to silicon valley to start this company and make his mark despite an initial rapport as friends musk and fricker rarely saw eye-to-eye in business fricker simply wanted to create an online bank but musk kept insisting their company had to revolutionize the banking industry fricker accurately accused musk of overhyping their product and tensions got so bad that fricker attempted a boardroom coup against musk and bill harris to take the ceo positions five months after founding the company together when that was unsuccessful fricker payne and ho all simply left and they took all the best software engineers with them leaving behind musk and whatever staff remained in may of 2000 with a disheveled shell of a barely functional platform scott anderson a software engineer who started working at on august 1 1999 described the fallout as complete insanity describing their software as a hollywood movie set of a website that barely fooled the venture capitalists fricker was apparently so pissed off with musk on his departure he doesn’t even bother mentioning whatsoever despite setting the company up using his experience connections and education in the banking industry fricker recently retired as a ceo for stifle gmp capital lasting 12 years in the organization he joined shortly after parting ways with musk the other original founders also went on to have their own successes without having to deal any longer with musk none of them mentioned their association with x.

com on their professional profiles whatsoever after fricker left and took his friends with him musk desperately needed money and he was able to sweet talk mike moritz of sequoia capital into investing in their platform which was barely functional now but moritz didn’t see through this sham and he threw money at it anyway meanwhile another company was making their mark in the online finance world and this one didn’t have all this inner turmoil at least not yet a similar banking concept created by peter thiel and max levchin at a startup called confinity was gaining notoriety with her payment platform called paypal which was developed through 1998 and released in july of 1999 almost a year before musk and harris had their falling out over at so right off the bat three things to note here number one musk did not found the company that wrote paypal in december of 1998.

DEBUNKING ELON MUSK flamethrower ebay number two musk did not write paypal and number three the company was not even called paypal so when musk is introduced as the founder of paypal there’s just so much wrong with that statement if it wasn’t pathetic it might even be funny musk was watching the confinity platform take off so musk started copying their promotional model luke nosick’s primary campaign for confinity that musk copied was offering cash incentives for new clients and client referrals which drove both companies into the red ink teal and company eventually decided if you can’t beat them eat them so infinity bought or merged with in the march of 2000 under bill harris who would remain as ceo of the merged companies by virtue of his shares value musk became chairman antio became the chief financial officer combining the companies was a nightmare each having their own corporate culture and the two were like oil and water harris and teal particularly didn’t see eye to eye on how to handle the combined company which was sinking deeper into debt in large part because the site was being constantly hacked by thieves this discord led teal to quit the company musk arranged an emergency board meeting to seize the ceo position away from harris and that was a move that brought teal back as chairman in april of 2000 in his new position as ceo musk wanted to phase out all other names in favor of his problem was focus groups hated x.

com since it sounded like a porn site this caused a rift in the former confinity ranks which in turn angered musk who loved the name despite bleeding red ink the company became popular as an online means to transfer funds but with that popularity came increased fraud as hackers discovered they could easily access financial data on the site to siphon funds additionally bank fees from the increasing transactions started adding up very quickly it was obvious now that the company lacked a solid business structure as well as a way to offset the money it was losing and they had no plan to combat the fraud it suffered chief financial officer roloff botta now a partner at sequoia capital suspected musk as the new ceo was not presenting his board with accurate assessments of the company’s issues and enough people started questioning musk’s decisions that they formed a coalition of former and confinity board members with the intent to dethrone musk six months after must oppose bill harris as ceo musk himself became the target and this coalition voted must be removed from the ceo position while elon was flying to sydney australia for his honeymoon with his first ex-wife justine who was the eventual mother of six of his children justine gave mary claire quite the interview about her time with musk the way she was treated and how musk left his family behind for a british starlet named tallulah riley who he would later divorce not once but twice the linchpin to this coup was peter thiel returning as ceo which he agreed to do musk found out he had been fired a ceo when he landed on australia and immediately headed back on the first available flight to plead his case but nobody was interested in hearing it musk was removed as ceo on september 24 2000 he was formally terminated from the company on march 9 2001.

That full separation agreement can be found on and it has some very interesting language woven into page 3 paragraph 5 regarding the deletion of reference to founders on the paypal website which would allow musk to inaccurately in the future call him a founder of the company after musk was terminated from all roles in the company teo rebranded the company to paypal and removed all trace of the x.

com branding he took the company public in february of 2002 with an ipo valued at 800 million dollars before ebay bought the shop lock stock and barrel for 1.5 billion october of the same year so as it turns out not only did musk not found paypal he never even worked for a company called paypal he had nothing to do with the renaming of the company paypal’s ipo or the subsequent sale to ebay that made musk rich by accident from this windfall that musk received thanks to peter thiel’s efforts musk took the 180 million dollars he received and sunk portions into tesla spacex and solar city we’re going to take a break right now so you can get up and have a stretch grab a drink and then join us when you’re ready to click part two of this presentation DEBUNKING ELON MUSK flamethrower ebay you

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