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Taylor swift swift quill penis an accomplished writer who uses a quill pen to write her songs. She Taylor Swift reclaimed her credibility after releasing a song denouncing sexual misconduct. The song sent a powerful message to survivors of abuse and This is probably gon na be an extremely short video.It’s mainly simply a joke because most of my friends are not Swifties and also I’m still a fairly new Swifty, as well as that I was not vibing with her “Online reputation” era, and after that I understood that I was in a pick-me-girl state, which never truly goes anywhere.Frankly, I was not delighted with it.So sorry, Miss T-Swift. I have actually seen the light.

approve that you are a god to women.I accept that.That being said, I’m still not vibing with her “Reputation” area.I’m just not.But anyway, I am quite associated with her, in really in assistance of her rerecording her masters and having her very own variations as well as all of that and possessing them.

‘m really a lot a fan of that.I’m quite a follower of redeeming what has actually been taken.And I like that she’s getting a lot more gas mileage from it as well as launching things in basic from her safe and all of that. Taylor Swift Launches Short Film ‘All Too Well’ 10-Minute So once again, assistance Taylor’s variations, and also Taylor’s variations only, thank you.Now I also, like everybody else, listened to that there was a 10-minute “All Too Well”, and also now I’m rather convinced that it was additionally a joke the entire time.

omeone on TikTok was like she made that as a joke and now everybody was like super fired up regarding it, so she really had to such as hunt up a 10-minute version, (Amanda laughes) which is sort of funny and I do think that might be the case.But anyway, the 10-minute variation I think is nice.I like it.It’s once again, on point out for Jake Gyllenhaal, but additionally I’m a person that used to primarily play the “All Too Well” Grammy’s efficiency that she did, religiously.I made use of to play that much too often.

t was my whole sexuality at one point.When I listened to that there was mosting likely to be a short movie, I really did not originally think I was going to make this video clip. Sadie Sink and also Dylan O’Brien Play Taylor Swift and also Jake I was expecting the short film ’cause I do like when musicians do things like that, when they do music and things like that, they simulate prolonged songs video clips and also things like that.I assume that’s fun.I like idea art as well as idea cds and all of that for music.

think that’s fun.Especially as somebody who is much a lot more film, as well as television, as well as film concentrated than I am music concentrated, I constantly such as when that blend happens.So I was looking onward to the “All Too Well” short film, as well as particularly when the casting appeared, I resembled, “Oh, spunk.” (laughs) So for those who do not know, Sadie Sink plays her and afterwards Dylan O’Brien plays him.It’s their interpretation of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal when they were dating when she was around 19 and Jake Gyllenhaal was regarding 30.

Therefore the age space in the connection in the representation is really intentional.I saw people who were like, “It’s truly creepy.She was playing it like kid a min earlier.” Yeah, that’s the point.It’s meant to be weird.

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” Dylan O’Brien’s ‘A Short Film Regarding You’ It’s meant to be weird.And I do believe that, that … I was genuinely unpleasant enjoying this movie in between the 2 of them.

nd I do think that Dylan did a great job.This brief movie did try to obtain me to despise Dylan O’Brien due to the fact that I was like, (chuckles) “Why would certainly you drop her hand, friend?” (laughs) However once more, taking things too seriously.I assume it’s fun.The spreading is intentional.

he age void is intentional.It’s meant to make you really feel unpleasant and also be like, “Eh, that’s kind of odd.” It’s the point.It’s commentary on Taylor as well as Jake’s partnership, and that’s not me like looking in between the lines.It’s very blatant.

t’s been recognized that the song has to do with Jake Gyllenhaal.So once more, it’s essentially a 14 min as well as 55 2nd variation of a music video/short film for “All Too Well”. It’s generally a principle video with little scenes in between showing the relationship, however after that additionally lines of dialogue.So there are little scenes like that throughout it. Taylor Swift’s Partnership With Her Sweetheart Becomes Progressively Frust So it begins with like an opening of them laying in bed and also it’s like, “Are you real?

ike, did I make you up?” It reveals the very glowing rose-tinted glasses of the relationship and also all of that, and it’s essentially simply kind of portraying the wear and tear of the connection while additionally showing just the ugh.Again, this film made me desire to kind of slap the shit out of Dylan O’Brien although I recognize he’s playing a character.But I seem like that’s great acting.If I do not intend to put your personality, you’re not committing enough.

(laughs) It begins out very great, you understand, the red scarf, every one of that. “I left my headscarf at your sis’s residence” I’m not gon na play any one of the audio, obviously.Maybe a few of the discussion little bits I’ll play for you.But as long as I value you, Taylor, and also I desire you to get your bag, I additionally have bills to pay as well as I don’t desire you to copyright asserting this video. Taylor Swift’s “The First Fracture in the Glass” Song Explains So we’re gon na be saving with our music playing because the copyright Web content ID system right here on YouTube is (clicks tongue) a vulture.

ou recognize, yet it simply shows the very lovey-dovey relationship.They are very touchy, feely.They take place walks.They’re going upstate.They’re going to his sis’s house.

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nd then it sort of shows like the initial, the fracture in the glass.They have different titles as the different chapters of their relationship.So like The Initial Fracture in the Glass, I think, is the one with the supper party.In the dinner event, it’s like she exists as well as it’s clearly him and also he’s extremely charming, everyone’s loving him, yet it’s plainly like she feels like the odd male out, and also we later figure out that it’s due to the fact that it’s all of his close friends that he hasn’t seen in a number of years.She’s just plainly not having an excellent time at this party.

nd at one point … Oh God, I despise this a lot. Taylor Swift’s Pre-Fame Predicament I resembled, “What the fuck?

She gets to across the table as well as like grabs his hand, and also he like turns it over as well as like looks at it and was like, and also after that pats it, and also like pushes it back over.Oh God, I hated it!I disliked it.I despised it. (laughs) Due to the fact that it’s, all right, like she’s clearly simply searching for like a.

Like, okay, he’s here with his friends but he recognizes I’m right here, he respects me.We’re not talking, he’s not looking at me even, however like there’s something there so goes in just to have like a support, an online connection, something to be like, “He cares that I’m here.He desires me to satisfy his friends.Like this is good.This is great.

I would die.Okay.And at 19, I would have walked down the website traffic. (laughs) (grunts) Okay.I don’t date.

really don’t day at all.I just do not, ’cause stress and anxiety and additionally I function from home.I do not really have a great deal of possibilities to satisfy any individual and after that …

Don’t move into my DMs, please.Some of you guys slide right into my DMs and you’re really creepy concerning it. Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift Connection Reports You just are.Or you like slide into my DMS and after that your account’s private as well as I can’t track to see to it you’re not a serial killer.Like, what’s the factor of that?

nyway, but yeah, I don’t day, however like I’m envisioning right now in my life, like when I was 19 as well as such as much more in control of my life, yet still like deeply traumatized.And I was not Taylor Swift.I was not a pop star.I was not dating Jake Gyllenhaal.Okay.

ut like I was managing some crap at 19, okay?And I’m simply envisioning remaining in a connection with a person who resembled years older than me, more life experience, all that spunk, and after that one moment where it resembles, alright, just needing a bit of a. (laughs) I would certainly have strolled into traffic.I would certainly’ve allow a bus run me over.Anyway.

(laughs) We’re excellent now.I’m in therapy.That was rough.They recreate a scene that was some paparazzi images of Jake and Taylor in the vehicle and she’s looking upset.And there’s been some backward and forward on what he’s on the phone around.

Taylor Swift’s Role in “The Provider” From what I recognize … In fact, let me draw it up.I’m rather specific, he was suggesting with a person concerning the paparazzi that are filming.

e’s like, “Why are the paparazzi …” Like something like that.There was some idea that it was in fact a battle they had.

ut also based upon this, it feels like she’s simply kind of like there for this disagreement in the film itself.Her, Sadie’s character, she’s simply type of there for the disagreement and she’s type of trying to be there for him, but instead she’s being pressed away and also he tosses the tricks at her, like “Just remain in the auto”. And he gets on the phone as well as tornados off, and also she’s just sort of like lost, however it doesn’t appear like it’s concerning her, unless I’m misinterpreting that.And she just type of like, “Okay.” Like I get why because moment perhaps it resembles, “You would not recognize,” maybe, like “You’re a child.

ou’re too young to comprehend.” (retches) I would certainly regurgitate. (laughs) As well as I’m a person that suches as older guys.I do.I do.

like older women also, truthfully. Taylor Swift and also Jake Gyllenhaal’s Connection in “The. I like anybody that likes me for the most part.I wouldn’t date younger due to the fact that, ew, frankly.Like, the thought of a person, also my age 24 dating a 19 year old makes me kind of intend to vomit, however that’s for myself.

o I don’t find out about various other people.I believe shared respect is very important in a connection, personally.I assume if there’s an age space, as long as there’s mutual respect, I think that’s everything, however likewise plainly that just was not here, a minimum of in the representation of the brief film.Again, I was not part of the Jake Gyllenhaal-Taylor Swift relationship.so we’re not evaluating in on that.

ang on.I’m making certain my boobs aren’t standing out out.You guys don’t get that here.Okay.So .

. So it’s that scene in a vehicle where she resembles keeping an eye out as well as he’s looking like quite disturbed, rather angry.They reduce to the scene of her cleansing up after the supper event and also this is one more discussion scene.And he resembles, “Why are you so pissed off?” She’s like, “I’m not pissed off.

Dylan Hartigan causes Taylor Swift to lose her mind in a disagreement. That said I was pissed off?” Like clearly much like, (grunts) this is gon na be painful.I hate this shit.The term that’s been sprayed on TikTok a whole lot is gaslighting where she resembles, “You dropped my fucking hand.

hat am I expected to do with that?You really did not consider me all evening.” As well as once more, like I said, it’s much like the grabbing of the hand in that minute is just like a support advising yourself that like he cares you’re right here, basically.And then the pressing the hand ..

I obtain why because moment that would such as … I would certainly shed my fucking mind. (laughs) It would be a problem.

nd then so the backward and forward it’s like, “My buddies were super fucking wonderful to you.And currently we’re handling this, like you’re disturbed.” It’s a rough scene.It’s harsh, as well as I intended to slap Dylan. (laughs) So yeah, that’s that scene.

nd then he resembles, “No, hey, hi there, I don’t wish to do this.I do not wish to do this. Taylor Swift and Her Connection Breakup. I’m sorry I dropped her hand.” The asking forgiveness for the hand point versus like “I really did not like exactly how you acted around them.

ou really did not check out me.You didn’t speak to me all night.It resembled, I had not been right here.” It’s type of draws, you understand? (laughs) Much more good scenes, even more great, enjoyable, satisfied memories, and after that there’s the .

. We don’t get the discussion of what’s plainly the snapping point, the breakup.But it’s not pretty, you know.It’s not fun.It’s not fun to watch.

hey’re yelling at each other.She’s really upset.And after that it cuts to an additional scene of her at a party.Oh God, I disliked the scene.I think the scene was done truly well.

ot a lot for the partnership aspect of it all.Even though if you’re listening to the verses at the time, it’s clearly like she’s really feeling out of area with the connection as well as all of that in the scene, however it just … Taylor Swift’s “The Birthday Scene” Reflects on Her Relationship with.

I don’t know.I believe it flawlessly recorded just a scene where you sort of seem like a youngster in a space complete of adults, although you are technically an adult.And at this point it’s like this personality …

It’s not really Taylor, yet it is Taylor, yet whatever.But I obtain that feeling.The sensation I received from watching the scene of simply like feeling so out of place, like everybody’s considering you like a kid although everybody’s in their very own globe doing their own thing and you’re simply on the sidelines feeling foolish and ridiculous.And I assumed that scene is ..

I don’t know.I like that scene a lot.It sucks. (chuckles) Yet I such as that scene a lot.Then once more, the birthday celebration scene, it’s a callback showing “You charmed my papa with jokes, drinking coffee like you’re on a late evening show,” and also then cuts ahead to the line with her papa.

“and after that he viewed me enjoy the door waiting on you to come in,” generally. Jake Gyllenhaal is a Frightening Headscarf Bandit. And also it’s like, “it’s supposed to be enjoyable transforming 21.” Like he avoided her birthday.It’s on mention, Jake.

s somebody that simply had a birthday, that reduced deep.Dylan, on point out now also, you get on notice.And after that it reduces onward. 13 Years Gone, I think, is the phase after The Reeling, which is just kind of like drawing yourself in, refining everything.How he or she made you feel?

ver evaluating everything in the partnership, like, was this all in my head or was this a work of art and after that you decided I had not been old enough for you, yet I was old sufficient for you a minute ago?And however, there’s this whole point with the headscarf, entire thing with the scarf.There’s to and fro on what the scarf actually means.If it’s a real scarf?According to Dumuan like 800 other individuals, obviously 700 people have this scarf, like the actual scarf in their possession.

hey can’t all have the scarf as well as let Jake Gyllenhaal as just a scarf outlaw going through his partners. Taylor Swift’s Vulnerability in “All Too Well” 13 Years Later. They can not all perhaps have the headscarf, everybody who’s claiming to have the scarf.It does appear like there, at one point, was a literal actual scarf.But after that the headscarf is also a metaphor for her virginity which he has her virginity.

kay. (laughs) Ugh!Either way, give her back the fucking scarf.Oh, God.Whoever has the headscarf simply offer it back to Taylor, please.

ut that’s the metaphor there.And after that it cuts to 13 years later on as well as currently Taylor’s playing Sadie’s personality at a publication release as well as the book is “All Too Well” and also all of that.So once more, this Taylor, in the her, is a writer in this version, and afterwards she’s still undergoing the feelings and still even now, 13 years later, years later on, overthinking every little thing, like “What was this?” Because that’s sometimes how negative partnerships leave you seeming like they stick with you.It’s not simply cut as well as dry.

t’s like, “Okay, he’s done. The lasting effects of a poor connection on taylor swift. I remain in my hack, earlier.” Like, no, occasionally there’s enduring results of bad relationships as well as gaslighting and all of that.And then I took the ending, ’cause the really ending, the last couple of shots of the short film, are her in guide signing as well as reading, and afterwards it reduces to somebody that’s the him older.

t’s not Dylan, it’s a different actor, however it’s an older him using the headscarf outside looking in and afterwards walking away.Okay.I took that to be like, she’s never ever actually gon na be gone from him due to the fact that he’s constantly sort of gon na get on the outer of her career.He’s always gon na be on the outside.And again, a person’s gon na resemble, “Oh, well that’s her fault because she covered him.

It’s like, no, I don’t believe so, since I do assume at a specific factor … Once more, like I stated, these points stick to you.The same thing goes with individuals in general, like they kind of are constantly on the perimeter of your world when they have this kind of result on you, whether it is great or poor.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Taylor Swift collaborate for short movie. And after that there’s also the entire fact of like, they’re both celebrity figures.At completion of the day, the elite, the celeb world is kind of a bubble in as well as of itself.So also no matter what she does, he’s kind of always like the him, Jake, Dylan, whatever, is always kind of gon na get on the perimeter, whether it’s searching in or otherwise, whether he’s doing his own point or not.He’s sort of always gon na exist since he belongs to that world that she belongs of in general, looking in.

o it’s sort of like you’re never completely out of each various other’s like path.Like there’s never ever gon na be a time where she simply keeps going and never really sees him again, or doesn’t have to be advised of him again.That’s what I took that finishing scene to be.But perhaps you have your own interpretations of the rest of this film.Maybe you completely disagree as well as you resemble, “Okay, well where’s Jake’s short film?

I make sure someone’s gon na do that.So that’s this, I believe that casting benefited the short movie. Dylan O’Brien is a fantastic Sadie in “The Maze. I think Sadie did extremely ..

I don’t know.I liked it.I liked it.Also, her hair is stunning.I love the red.

(laughs) I enjoy the red.I love how this was shot.I love it.I was a love that they didn’t have her in like a lots of makeup, like you can see the capillaries in her cheeks at one point.I like when points similar to this are not shot and afterwards over-corrected.

You recognize, I such as how the film was fired itself.I believe Dylan’s casting was good.I additionally believe that Dylan had a good time with this.He clearly was having a good time with this.Like they were asking him like, “So isn’t this based on Jake?

He’s like, “No, I do not assume so.My personality’s name is Brandon.I don’t recognize where you men got that.” Or he stated he really did not bath for 2 months or something ahead of time to get in the attitude for the role.I think it was just having enjoyable with the character, as well as I believe he did really good.

o yeah, due to the fact that I intended to beat the black out of him.I suched as it.I assumed it was enjoyable. Taylor Swift as well as Jake Shively Are Folding Up Their Note Concerning the. I like when individuals do things like this for their art as well as their songs and all of that.

ore points like this.More people excavating up old dirt.More of that.Jake, it’s on cite.Maybe go chill in Canada for a bit.

don’t know.I don’t recognize what’s taking place here.I don’t understand how you leave this.Ooh.Oh, I simply considered something screwed up, however I don’t want to say it because if it happens, I do not want it to be real.

ou recognize what, I’m gon na maintain it for myself.I’m gon na compose it down.Actually …

My sticky notes that Hermes chewed on.I’m dating it today is the 14th. Okay.Okay.I have actually created my note with my way as well outrageous fountain pen.

have it dated.It’s created here.I’m not letting you review it due to the fact that I’m wishing I’m wrong.I’m hoping I’m wrong.This is my theory.

his is my prediction for the future of the “All Too Well” short movie, Taylor as well as Jake.It’s ideal here.We’re gon na fold it up.We’re gon na fold it up.Okay?

‘m wishing I’m wrong. Taylor Swift Predicts Future In ‘All Too Well’ Brief Film. I’m hoping this is just my author brain being overactive and also developing a plot spin that draws and would certainly make individuals dislike me as a writer.And I’m wishing that’s the case.Okay, we’re gon na put this were you will see this.

n my heap of candles, okay?We’re gon na place it here.You individuals can see it here.Can you see it?It’s still there.

‘m not gon na touch it, okay.It’s in my candle.It’s ideal there.It appears like a nacho chip.Can you see I?

till there.Okay.We’re gon na leave that here.And after that if that ever before comes to pass, I will open it.Or things that I believe is gon na take place occurs, or the occasion that it relates to passes, I will open it then.

kay?And then I will review it to you.I’m wishing I’m wrong.I’m hoping this is simply my mind being an overactive writer mind and it’s not actually me being like predicting the future since I’m really hoping Jake Gyllenhaal is not that fucked. (Amanda laughing) Anyway.

hat’s gon na be it.Did you view the “All Too Well” brief film? Taylor Swift Followers Are Worrying After She Revealed She’s Retiring. Are you listening to the “All Too Well” short film?Are you re-releasing to the rerecording of “Red”?

Because I have actually been on repeat.I’m annoying.Let me know.Comment down below.Reminder that I have a podcast, the Swell Shenanigans Podcast.

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taylor swift quill pen additionally have merch.Shout to my patrons.Thank you a lot for sustaining me on Patreon.If you ‘d additionally such as to sustain me on my Patreon, the link is down below.If would certainly like you to follow me on my social networks, that’ll be all up here.

nd that’s gon na be it.Have a wonderful day.Don’ t gaslight your girlfriend.Goodbye. (positive music) I’m wishing I’m wrong.

‘m really hoping that point is wrong.I’m hoping my a little author’s prediction is simply my writer’s brain.I hope it’s not gon na actually take place since (laughs) that ‘d be fucked.That would certainly be fucked.That ‘d be fucked.

hat would certainly be fucked.That ‘d be fucked. Taylor Swift Fans Respond to Her Newest Album Release. Thank you Alan, Alexis, Braden, Cameron, Christopher, Chris, Cody, Colton, Crash PC, Fate, Devin, Dirtyone Dawn, Elliot, Evan, Hala, Jackary, Joe, John M., Jordan, Joseph, Kenny, Kevin, Kim, Kristin, Lam, Lexis, Louis, Monga, Matt, Matt O.

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